Do you follow security advice at home?

Most people hear safety advice all the time and know what they are supposed to do. But do they actually do it?

For example, how many people out there know that they are supposed to check the batteries in their smoke detectors every six months and test the device to make sure it works, but never do it? How many people actually have a Fire Safety plan at home, and practice it? The answer is not many.

These two examples happen in many homes all over North America and people just never seem to get around to doing these basic safety measures that can mean the difference between life and death for a family within their own home.

Why do people not find the time to do these safety measures? It doesn’t take long and it is critical for your children to know how to get out of a burning house and where to go, without having to figure it out while the house is on fire. Panic stops people from thinking. Families must know what to do in advance to reduce the stress of having to figure it out during an emergency.


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